Thursday, February 17, 2011

W - R - O - N - G !!

Yesterday I just happened to end my post with the fabulous thought of another day at the beach.


Guess one has to read their printed reservation confirmation in order to know the date of departure! On fourth vacay day as I was at the library loading photos and reading emails.....  hmmmmm I happened upon a note that I made on my computer calendar. Check-out from beach on Thurs. BY NOON.  This I'm reading on Thursday at ONE.  Oh my gawd! Not so easy to rush back to the cabin and inform Hubby that we are supposed to be one-with-the-highway, goin South, headin' home - when the road isn't easy to maneuver on the best of days and this one is pouring rain, hailing and windy!  Somehow we managed to beg forgiveness and exit stage right with cringing faces. Poor, poor Hubby!

So, when what I hoped to post was another day of silly fun - posing as some new conjured up personality... instead I had to headline with my big faux pas. But, now that that's out of the way - wanna guess who I dreamed up to play the part of Act III at the Beach???

Meet him - JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL - or do I have to be a she? I could be -
JOANIE LIVINGSTON SEA-GAL!!  She loves to ponder the waves :

She ate well while beaching. Bread chunks particularly. Cheese spreads firstly.

She felt a bit caged. See that view? Lots of dreary weather....

Then the sun broke through. She felt like soaring. Evening delighted her with color and beauty!

And the end of the story goes - Miss SeaGal then flew away. It was time to leave the beach. She REALLY
outstayed her welcome! The next Jonathan & his Miss were checking in and didn't want scavenging interlopers in their nest!  DANG! Couldn't they see that we had an entire evening of food already planned?

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