Wednesday, February 16, 2011


New day, new persona! Yesterday I channeled a bit of Gidget at the beach, today feels more like Joan Baez does green grocer and town stroller. The town of Point Reyes Station has it's own form of bustle. I did a tad of bustling there this morning. Bakery bits, and cheese samples. A thrift shop browse and a stroll in the neighborhood - checking the cows and crows as I went.

Clean, fresh air! Fun, fresh ideas! Shopping on a different level than in the city.


Joan Baez would definitely shop here, live here >

Notice the population is very tiny town USA !!   and the locals change the sign with each new birth! I think Ms. Baez would approve of life in this little hippie place.

To cap off the total experience I drove single lane roads while hail hit my windshield, chomped on an organic peanut butter cookie while listening to Diana Krall and stopped along my slow crawl at any intriguing sight that made my heart pitter patter.

A fabulous vacation day! And best of all - I have another FRESH day tomorrow. Still at the beach and I may have to come up with another character to be......

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