Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change of Plans..

Valentine tulips

Spontaneity seems it should  be harder and harder to allow at a certain age. Hubby & I seem to do okay on this type of planning though. At least I think that we do! Surely this has something to do with the fact that we don't have children - HA!... who'm I kidding - the fact that we don't have GRANDCHILDREN! 

We suddenly and happily made a complete u-turn on our weekend plans. On Saturday much thought was bantered about on how we would do some heavy duty yard work. Pruning and total cutting down of one tree. Seems our chainsaw was not in proper working form, and thus left the gateway open for Hubby & I to find an out! Lucky us! Instead of back breaking, dirty work we were off to visit family and accomplish nothing...

We brought red Valentine tulips and shopped for a nice dinner to be made Saturday eve. The afternoon was sunny and we sat outside cat-like soaking up every last inch of warmth until the shadows sent us indoors. We lit a fire and cooked dinner together.

Pork tenderloin smothered in mushrooms, red potatoes with gravy and grilled asparagus made each of us ready for a nap. Oh, and glory hallelujah - the salad was divine! Mixed greens with walnuts, blueberries and Gorgonzola cheese!!

Once morning came to light we ventured out to a nearby lake for a walk along the shore.

Rainbow Bridge - Folsom

Oh, yes - the perfect surprise getaway. It truly was a rash decision as it cost us some needed hours of prep time as we are actually headed out the door again for another vacation to the coast. So worth every moment in the end.  Even if some time is "lost" to lazing, eating, breathing, talking, sharing, loving isn't that just exactly how we should LOSE OURSELVES from time to time??!

Go ahead.... try it! Go lose yourself!

I'm off to lose myself this week at my beloved Stinson Beach and Bolinas....

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