Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give the Girl an Inch.... She'll Take a Mile !

Royal Wedding it is!! I wasn't the only one to consider this idea for my Birthday. Guess great minds do think alike!  My girlfriends are on it! The planning has just begun.  We will go that  EXTRA MILE  every time (especially for a laugh). Seems that we take our themed events to an extreme; and what fun it is too! Alice in Wonderland was a recent delight - see for yourself ...

This was the hat I wore for our tea party in San Francisco. Can hardly believe that I don't have a picture of the top of my hat! At the tippy-top, where you can only see him if I tip my head, or my hat to you... I decoupaged a photo of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Lots of comments and stares that day!

the hotel where we stayed... tons of color!

A very young, hip and new take on tea room decor!

the Curioser & Curioser pins I made for favors
We had a great time with this theme, but can't wait to see what happens for the Royal Wedding! Stay tuned!

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