Thursday, February 3, 2011

Melting Pot

Fondue is not my subject! As I went through my photos of today I came across inspiration from the very brief video I took while cruising the flea market. I'll attempt to post it here - I've yet to try that trick! Will need to seek out professional help... no can do!!
* Hey!! I did get the video on here... just scroll to the very bottom after last picture, and click on the arrow!

Anyway the clip is a fun little song and dance by a po-dunk band ( I mean that in the nicest way) playing in
he food court at the flea. The number they were strumming was 'Wasted Days and Wasted Nights" by Freddy Fender. My parents loved that song way back when. It was actually very catchy. Still humming it later today. Saw one elder guy shaking his bootie a bit. The tables were filled by a nacho and cerveza downing crowd!

I really enjoyed bartering with the sellers, soaking in the sun, browsing all of the stalls for treasure. I hadn't gone to this particular market in years. Not quite the same as a vintage, antique flea out here. Another fabulous aspect was the people watching! Every nation imaginable was represented in that concrete jungle! This sale is held in the huge parking lot of an old time drive-in movie theater. Up and down the rows....
tons of interesting faces, dozens of languages - misunderstood!  F - U - N !!

My favorite purchase of the day was bought from these two characters ~

In the bottom portion of the picture was my find. It is a really tall, deep canvas crate on wheels. Looks like something the Post Office uses to load mail. We dickered about price - with humor in tact - and I ended up getting the price I wanted!! Could hardly leave their space. There are items that are still calling my name that I hope I won't be sorry for leaving. The main guy, Cesar, insists I should stop at another market, in another town this weekend. I just happened to mention that I'd like to find an old orchard ladder, and BUT OF COURSE, Cesar has just what I'm looking for in storage!

Loved all of the color from the fresh fruits and vegetables, to the melting pot of humans milling about the Drive-In!

It's a beautiful world!

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