Friday, March 25, 2011

Such Is Life...

The ups and downs. The extremes, both good and bad. The sweetness in life and the bittersweet also. This is how life happens for each of us. Yes, it is a wonderful world because of and despite these occurrences.

I spent some time with a friend today as she waited to hear how her Mother was fairing during open heart surgery. Tense and anxious were the emotions in the room; levity in the form of jigsaw puzzles helped ease these.

FAMILY - always! ... Will forever be...

 As of now it is post-surgery and recovery will be a long haul. Extremes did happen here - from feeling utterly frightened - to cautiously optimistic. And such goodness also, that this family be gathered together again.

Tomorrow morning a very happy and special meeting will take place. A long time due and dreamt oft!
That beautiful friend of mine (with challenges aplenty) has overcome many obstacles to come to a point of good health and life restored. The plan is to meet midway betwixt our homes - 3 of us - again! Our faces have not smiled at one another for months. Laughter and chatter will rattle peoples eardrums, I'm sure! I am so very proud of her accomplishments. I feel much more assured at this sustained wellness. There is an actual sensation of fullness in my heart....  swelling.... gratitude! Her life has been saved. It is a wonderful world! I have the opportunity to glimpse into the eyes of what feels like a long-lost-friend... she really was not... yet there we will be seated side-by-side sharing our stories as if nothing has changed!  And truly so much has changed and still so much is the same!  The wonder of life...

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