Friday, March 11, 2011


A green frog has taken over my house! A couple of them. It's all in good fun though, they're all a part of my gift for Charlie's baby shower Sunday. The new Mum and Pop have decorated the nursery in jungle theme, soft green, beige, browns. Many an animal are included. I particularly like the monkeys that I saw on the bedding! Oh, so sweet! From that scheme I then tackled my project...... here is some of what we have ~


A request from the invite asked to bring some diapers. No one specified they had to be the newfangled plastic-y things! So I hunted for the old cloth style. FOUND 'em! Don't think people use them much anymore!
The whites were dyed a spring-like green to match the jungle! Pretty, huh? wait though - there's more....

my supplies

I then ironed on stitched letter "C''s to the backside of the diapers. Charlie will have is very own monogrammed bottom!!
Oh the laughs trying to remember how I folded these things when my brother was a wee tot!! I nearly knocked on the doors of my elder neighbor ladies to ask if they could recall! I came up with one diaper that would fit an adult!!

Next the frog and more green...

The frog face is a plastic bib that has a catch drawer for falling objects!!  HA!

This is the special package for the secret diaper event. Will it be for a game?? Love that ribbon that says
                             ~     Welcome little darling    ~

And.... I did forget to take a snap of the gifts inside. One was another froggy. That guy was very rubbery  and slips onto a sink or tub faucet for safety during a bath. Adorable.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Just hoping they don't think it's all a bit too JOLLY GREEN GIANT!


  1. too cute, that is a lovely fresh shade of green and sure to brighten up any tiny tots day

  2. You never seize to amaze me, Shari!! It's great!