Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shooting a Canon

The new girl in town - my camera - is a Canon. I shall fire many rounds from her! She truly is a blast!I will aim my Canon at other people - not usually enemies!... okay, enough puns for now....
I am loving this camera. Reminds me of my young years toting a big 35mm camera around my neck. I used to be something akin to a family historian. Well, maybe I just fancy myself far too much - but, I did take zillions of pictures, own many lenses and should have owned stock in Kodak film. Here's the new kid in town:

For now she goes everywhere I go. Gotta test and try!! Today's field trip was out to dinner for my Birthday.
Hubby took me for a Mexican tapas, "nearly gourmet" dinner (big splurge for us). It was divine!

handmade,warm tortillas with dipping sauces (salsa)

pozole soup on a rainy night!

seared scallops and....  OH MY!
The side dishes with my meal were pure heaven! One was potato and corn topped with black beans. The ultimate though was the mixture of chayote squash, corn and green beans! Have no idea what the thin sauce was (other than delicious). My Mexican Grandmother used to make a similar recipe. My Mom passed it on to me. When I've looked for a name to this dish, and again when I asked tonight, it is merely called calabacitas - meaning little squash. I will be sure to make it more often! Maybe I can sneak the sauce recipe from the chef at Consuelo's??!

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