Monday, March 14, 2011

They've Gone and Done It!

Officially this has been " WITH A CHERRY ON TOP " kind of day!
 My jaw dropped when I entered the house, and stayed that way for quite some time while I took it all in! Willy Wonka's factory was everything I dreamed it would be! Amazing technicolor. Enough candy to bust Augustus Gloop's gut.  Dripping with creativity just like the chocolate fountains! A signature drink to make one giddy - and not cause of the vodka - giddy at the vibrant turquoise fluid! A cupcake creation that reached into the Ace of Cakes files and came out way ahead!!

                               OH, MY WORD !!!

I do believe they've gone and done of the most impressive parties I've ever seen! And all of this was in honor of our Great Nephew and his Momma.
Let's just say the cherry on top didn't slide down a melting scoop and get lost in the bowl. Oh no!... still more beauty and excitement to rock my world....

At Goat Hill in the Santa Cruz Mountains I was about to be floored again! I will be participating in an antique event later this year. We had our first meeting and tour of the place that will be hosting. I should just let the pictures do the talking, but, that just wouldn't be me! Now, would it?? Dreamy white farmhouse plucked down into an orchard and meadows. Baby goats in the barn. Gardens galore. Massive redwood trees. The setting of a plein-air artists dream! Here, on this farm we will have the first annual Goat Hill Show. I am in awe, nearly speechless that I am invited to be a part of it! Much more on it in the following months. Also on my new blog:

thus the reason for the farm name - Goat Hill...

* This post is without photos because there are technical difficulties. We'll see what I can do about that.*
    will add some great shots when I'm able!  Well now a couple of pics are added, but still many problems!
May not post for a day or five!

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