Sunday, March 6, 2011

Early Birthday

On this trip to the cabin we had the unexpected pleasure of visitors. We frequently ask family and friends to join us at Stinson, yet it has rarely happened.This go 'round our friends came to celebrate. The month of March is filled with birthdays in our circle. Mine, Hubby's, my MIL's, and my pal Sharon's to name a few. It was decided to celebrate early and have the party  here at the beach. Such a good time - again! Story of my life!
I brought the fixins for a welcome sign

they arrived (I may have posted this yesterday too?)
Sharon has been a part of my life since High School - give or take a couple of years that we were each involved in our own lives in different places.

We rock scrambled and played at the beach....

We watched the sun sprinkle it's sparkling happy dust all across the sand and sea! We had beautiful days while they were visiting!

The local resident Blue Heron was part of our viewing pleasure ~

stopped in at the burger stand

We had cocktail hour while picnicking during sunset ~

When evening arrived we headed indoors to cook our supper and uncork wine ~

my sand pail for an ice bucket

Late in the evening once our meal was finished, we had cake - with candles even! To celebrate our three birthdays in quite a different way this year!

To my friend ~ a memorable HAPPY Birthday to you! Godspeed  on your travels home...

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