Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rainy Days & Thursdays...

La, la la la . Da, da da da da da ... Always get me down... 
I know the words are really rainy days and MONDAYS always get me down.... here's a glimpse of that ~

 But, I'm sorta blue today - on a Thursday! Just a slight bit tired of our inclement weather. I'll get over it though... just a minor blip! Some worries that the very few starter annuals I've put in the ground may very well drown! Their tiny roots are probably clogged with our clay dirt and the puddles all around them.

With vintage umbrella and galoshes I went to survey some of the scene ~

Lady Banks roses just starting to bloom

Purposely left a corner of the umbrella in each of those shots...still playing around with my new toy!

I'm anxiously awaiting a true blue-skyed, sun filled, yet cool day to get going on my raised beds of vegetables. What shall I plant this year? I might give pumpkins a go. If I only had more sunny spots! Gourds and squash of all kinds would be a great item to decorate my booth at Goat Hill.

Speaking of Goat Hill - I've had some fun treasure hunting!  I'm going to post a story about some of my adventures through the years on  my decor and vintage blog: See ya over there!

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