Monday, March 7, 2011

Pioneer Days!

Lest you've been led to believe that I'm luxuriating at the beach, I'll let you in on a secret....
The only exclusivity afforded here is the spectacular scenery that's free for all to enjoy!
While at this place- that seems near a second home to us - life is taken very slowly, yet it may not be considered necessarily easy. Doing mundane tasks of every day life are much more complicated when camping at "our" cabin. This tiny, sweet abode is merely shelter. There is not running water inside, nor a bathroom. The structure is not electrified, nor heated. Still worth all of the effort .

 A day in the life at Stinson Beach~

the staired trek in
Parking is only allowed at the top of the hill and we cart our belongings in via wheelbarrow or simple old muscle power. This in and of itself is a fabulous work out for us! By the end, our knees are sore.
kitchen area with food prep

the wood burning stove - we haul the wood!
must have flowers and herbs just like home

Pay no attention to the time on that clock - it really was noon somewhere!!

the only running water
This spigot is used to fill our pots for cooking, sometimes for washing hair, refilling drinking water and to make it's way to the stove to heat for bathing purposes! How did the ladies of yore do it?? Get a load of that view though!

I know what you're thinking! This is the elder, unfortunate cousin to a duo of prettier ones!! HA! Once upon a day there were three of these placed about the grounds and we had no choice! Didn't photograph the new ones as they don't compliment my Pioneer theme...

We nearly always frequent local stores usually for cheese from Cowgirl Creamy and oysters at Tomales Bay.  Rather than a pot of beans, as may have been the way for long ago fire cooking, we give a shot at  upgrading our meals.

tired feet
Alot of miles are put on our feet at this place. We're always ready to kick off our shoes at the end of the day and while away hours reading by camp lanterns.

To think this and SO MUCH MORE was done each and every day in the life of our ancestors...
We have much to be thankful for -
                                                    OR DO WE???
I imagine many ills (physical and other) could be cured by activity and life using ones brains, brawn and boots!!

Again, I'll say ~   HAPPY TRAILS!  'til we meet again!

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  1. Loved this post, Shari. I'm curious, do you guys rent this place, and how did you ever find it? It's beautiful!