Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learning Curve

Be careful what you ask for! I've researched, I've trial tested, I've quizzed techies ad nauseum. I now have in my possession a BIG GIRL CAMERA!! Oh boy and Oh no!! You do realize that after you've requested such an item and the world turns in your favor and you get your wish - well then you have to learn how to manage the darn thing! She is sleek, black, beautiful and oh so smart! My, oh, my, what this contraption can do!! The instruction manual is very big!

Lots of reading to do! I don't think I've had homework since Jimmy Carter left the peanut farm for D.C.!
So, off I go to practice and study. Here are a few of the very first pictures from the new girl! They should only get better from here ......           I HOPE!

milk at table side while I unwrapped the new prize

studying til the wee hours by lamp light

Don't be eyeballing me ! He's wonderin' bout all the cussing going on...

I've got a WAY BIG learning curve ahead!!

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