Monday, January 24, 2011

About Those Finds.....

New possibilities have shown their faces. I'm feeling inquisitive. I have many ideas, plans and maybes. How to make them real or weigh the pros and cons to come to the decision that I do/do not want this reality... these are the questions I'm posing to myself.  All good thoughts and all related to my new work environment. Decisions, decisions....

Also related to the shop; here are some pictures of a few items I scored this weekend. Most I hope to sell.

This project in the beginning phase ~


vintage chair - seat made into a plant basket

The chair actually looks much prettier in person!

I have more treasures than those pictured, so the truck is loaded to go to work tomorrow! Just call me Elly May Clampett!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Elly May,
    I love the vintage chair planter idea. Brilliant!! I also like the items you picked up. And, most of all, I like your newest picture at the top of the page. What a peaceful setting!

    Hugs From Ms. Hathaway