Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Don't you just love when someone has something great happen in their life? When it brings you such joy too... when it makes you so proud of them. My niece has been taking photography classes for a couple of years.  There have been a few exhibits of art, with hers included, that we've attended.  I'm always so excited to see what she has created. I love to scan the room and find just the right spot on the wall where her beautiful pieces hang.
To stand before them and gaze, and think.. "now how did she do that?" or "where do her ideas come from?".
Always, I ponder how in the world she grew up so quickly. Long ago she used to say that she wanted to be like me. I wonder if she still wishes this?  Truthfully, I hope not! She is standing in a place that she's found all on her own... with guidance from her parents and "a village".  Her talent is true. As the years unfold possibly we will get ever bigger glimpses into her artistic dreams. Following along on her coattails is what I intend to do.

Christie has now been named in a publication. Two pieces of her art are shown along with others from her college. A small piece of print, but no less important because of it's size. It is there in black and white - she has made it! She has made art! She has made an Aunt very proud!

* Here is the publication:
Cool, huh????!


  1. So proud of her too! She is a talented young woman. I know you have truly been an inspiration to her!

  2. Wow!! Awesome work, Christie!! Colette you should be proud!! And, there is no doubt Shari would be an inspiration to her. She is an inspiration to us all!!