Friday, January 7, 2011

The Keeper

I wonder if statistics would show that most people keep friendships for life? Possibly the percentage is higher for losing touch and tossing away friends? Seems to me that we are a sort of throw away society. In no way did I mean to begin with that sad thought. The group of savers (savors!), cherishers, keepers of friendships is where I'm at! Do you still keep contact with people from elementary school? I'm happy to say that I do.

An afternoon of lunch with my Mother-in-law, Aunt-by-marriage and a family friend made an absolutely gray day into a sunny one! Our family friend is why this post refers to keepers. While I am referring to holding tight to those we cherish, the word keeper can also be used for a type of lovely person. Just the kind that this friend is. She is a definite KEEPER. We have each known her for 33 years - give or take. Elaine was pert near family at one point. For a myriad of reasons it never happened, yet she is still a large part of my Mother-in-law's family's life. The link between all of us is quite a detailed, interesting one. I'll probably need to do a post on that subject all on it's own!

Elaine & I went to the same High School, alas I am much older. The "near family" part is that she was once engaged to my husbands cousin. Said cousin was also my next door neighbor during childhood. See what I mean... convoluted.. (and there's more) That sweet high schooler was always exactly that - so SWEET! Upon growing up and enduring many disappointments she exited the relationship gracefully. This gal offered so much to everyone around her. She's like a cliche' I can't help but use.... as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside. And I truly mean that. Giving beyond measure to her own family and also to the boyfriend's circle left waiting in the wings. When cancer arrived to the doorstep of my husband's Aunt, Elaine was a source of comfort for her. That family she needed to leave at one point, was still able to count on her for support and love. Years later when cancer knocked with no recourse this time..... well, guess who could be found at the hospital bedside? She is adored.

 Luckily my Mother-in-law keeps in touch, as she too is a keeper of friends. So, they see one another and ask some of us others along on occasion. To see her puts a smile on my face. Elaine is married to someone outside of the family. She is a Mom. She is still a part of this family. My family would surely agree that keeping their love for her is an immeasurable blessing.

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  1. I'm tearfully speechless, Shari! Thank you for the beautiful words!!! I LOVE YOU!!!