Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Garden

Really, I truly have a pretty yard - IN THE SPRING & SUMMER , if you were to look at it now you would never believe me!! So, I didn't take a picture of it to display.... oh no, it's just that bad!
how the backyard looks PART of the year

This pretty faux-spring weather has me all a twitter about the garden! I spent a small increment of the day in the yard... boy, was it nice! There is so much work to be done though.... uggghhhh! There were still a few wayward bulbs that never found their way into the ground, so I was digging holes and adding bone meal this afternoon. Some of the early arrivals are already poking their heads up... look see~

 and also these ~

crocus - the tiny, spiky ones at right
And I still have a vegetable garden, albeit very small, that needed tending ~

fava beans


curly leaf kale cuddling up to the cauliflower head!
 Football Frenzied Hubby, and Gardening Goddess (me!) had a lovely Sunday. The End.

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