Wednesday, January 26, 2011


They say 'Man cannot live on bread alone'.... I think I could easily sustain myself for days running on just bread! What's not to love?? The options of flavors and extra sprinkles is mind boggling!  YUMMY! Frequently on Monday when I walk in the hills there is a spot that offers bread for free. While it is sometimes a tad stale, it is still pleasantly edible. Especially when toasted.

This week I did get myself a free loaf of artisan ciabatta. Yes, it too was somewhat aged. I did however manage to get my worth from it.  Some of this cost-me-zero baguette was sliced and toasted to go with dinner. As we ate, another part of the loaf had it's crust removed and was soaked in milk and baking in the oven with cinnamon sprinkled on top. Dessert was going to be bread pudding. As you see, one is supposed to use stale bread for this recipe. Really used my noggin for that one! Croutons were made for our salad.  And last, but not least, our feathered friends would also enjoy a meal from the crust pieces.

croutons, bread pudding & bird food
 All of that goodness from a single... and I'll say it again - *free* slab of delicious carbs! Those people that follow Atkins Diet don't know what they're missing!!  Ha!

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