Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ch-ch-ch Changes....

What a difference! So happy to be looking at this:
Instead of this:

Christmas decor
Anytime after Three Kings Day.. and it's one day toooo many for Christmas! Dusty, dried out ol' tree...
Change up in the kitchen department also. Nope, not going to call it a diet. That's a for-sure jinx! The plates and menus are looking a little different though. Today's lunch :

Salad w/chicken, whole wheat pita chips & grapefruit
No, I'm really not in the habit of photographing every meal that I consume! I just knew that posting, journaling, putting the word out, being heard somehow is supposed to make people more accountable for their actions. God knows it's worth a shot!

Unfortunately I didn't have this revelation until after breakfast was consumed! So no picture of it. Gotta say that it included some lovely Starbucks coffee made right here at home. This household is very new to beans and percolation. The smell of coffee in the morning is worth every heart palpitation later! I did also eat a banana and cereal before heading to the hills to walk. Dinner was sad to miss out on it's portrait also, but it too was healthy and delicious. Maybe if I weren't quite so comfy it would make it harder to luxuriate with my meal and I'd leave something on my plate?  hmmmm....
How 'bout if this were my dining table, huh?

Bet I'd leave calories behind for sure!!  HA! Silliness has gotten the best of me - it's definitely time for bed!

Just trying to mix it up around here  - with everything, decor, food, posting. Realize my last few posts have been so emotional and serious! So a light, easy read for today!


  1. Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog - and giving me such sweet encouragement! Thank you !

  2. Very nice. We have some subtle and positive changes going on over here too at My Freestyle Home!