Thursday, January 20, 2011


My current obsession has to do with a very festive event.  Straight away I thought of hosting this party here at home for a small group - cause that's all this tiny house will hold! At second glance I emailed "my girls" and offered a strong  sweet suggestion that this be the theme and date for my Birthday get together. The way that our Birthday group works, I am allowed  (by the rules & bylaws) to hint at type of affair, place and gift. An email has been sent to each of my fellow "flamingo" members. We'll see if they like my idea - OR NOT!

Just in case my Birthday idea doesn't pan out, then I'm onto the third possibility. See what I mean? Obsessed I tell ya! Can't let it go!.... the 3rd way to accomplish my goal is to see if the new boss likes my idea and if she'd like to use the theme, and host the party. While I hope to do the decor and any other tasks that might make my dream come true. The fact is though, if Boss hosts it then at least I'll be on the guest list!! She had mentioned recently that she wanted to have an employees appreciation lunch. So maybe she'll do it!!

What is this event I'm so nuts over?? Okay - ya ready?... I want to have a
Royal Wedding Party !

I think this would be a total kick in the pants!! I'm already imagining the decor, the table scape, the dress!!!
A few problems arise with the option of actually witnessing the ceremony a la' the telie. You see Wills & Kate are marrying on a Friday morn. In our part of the world one will have to be awake at the ungodly time of  2 a.m. on Friday..... so, like have the party on Thursday night and just try to stay awake until the nuptials commence in the wee hours. Not likely! Many ways around this issue, I guess. Tape the whole bloody thing and watch it at a reasonable time. Or throw a party and have it be on a regular weekend eve with no television sighting at all.....     hmmmmmm, what to do? what to do?

Definitely won't let it stop me! I'm now fanatical!

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