Sunday, January 16, 2011

Spanning the Ages

Saturday had my emotions all over the map. Feeling old before my time at one point, and young-again happy later.

We filled the pews at a funeral for a friend of our own age. Each time these sorrowful events happen it casts a shadow, ever so briefly, on my life gauge. That being where I am at the point, at that age, and where I hope to be in the future. It stops me in my tracks, puts a fuzzy gray blanket on those years that are  a ways down the measuring stick. If someone my own age has passed then how can I take for granted the fact that there will be many more years? Thankfully I don't dwell on this and I DO make plans for the future while being grateful for each day.

By day I felt older than my number. Sadness has the ability to tire you and make one weary don't you think? And then, by night I was light, happy and oh so young again. We went dancing, stayed out late and were in the company of new love. A definite prescription to feeling years my junior!

club essentials!
Now I'll sign off and go be silly, giddy even... and YOUNG!! I'll be watching the Golden Globes.

* Also, I've added some important work to my Jan. 12th post - Growing! Go see...

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