Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Thoughts

As I swept, redecorated, wrapped and mingled with customers the thought of Valentine's Day was ever present. I am working retail in a lovely den of femininity and nothing seems more sweet and girlish to me than Valentine's Day.  We had a project going on in the shop that required me to browse magazines and tear pages of beautiful scenes. Such a horrible job...  NOT!! In many of these now defunct prizes-in-print I found items that captured the spirit of the Day of Love. I sprinkled these beauties all about the store.

Life Love is like a box of chocolates! So I brought a box of cherry liqueur bon-bons for the counter. More enticement for our shoppers.
Aren't they so special... all wrapped in pretty golden foil?

Trying to dream up more Valentine goodness for tomorrow. I made a postcard with some of the pictures I took while pacing about and dusting up.

Enjoying this new chapter in my life. Hoping that the opportunities here grow & grow.


  1. So happy you love your new job!

  2. They are SO blessed to have you there. You will make such a difference to the store and the customers. You already have!!!