Monday, January 17, 2011


Can't say that I can find a huge connection between Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the day we spent ... I did consider printing out MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech so that I could read it to my family at the beach today. Forgot to do that though. One sentence near the end of this speech says - "let freedom ring from the curvaceous slopes of California". We rode those curvaceous slopes on our way to sunshine, relaxation, and our own form of freedom at the coast.

Didn't I just write a beach adoration post???  Well, sorry, but gonna do it again!! Love, love, love the seaside! Wish I woke up to that sound and view every morning. Once for a short period of time, I did! We rented a cliff side apartment in the town of Capitola. Our friends shared the time with us, so we lived at the beach one week and back in the city the next. Oh, I still dream of those views!

Rather than yammer on about what we ate and what we did.... I'll share the views we took in as we filled our souls with our big, beautiful, abundant slice of American apple pie with a scoop of freedom on the side ~


  1. What a beautiful day, with wonderful company, beautiful view, and a beautiful sunset! Wow!
    The beach is my favorite place too!

  2. Oh how I crave the beach myself! Hope to spend some time there soon in February with Randy and the girls. I miss it so much!