Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Full Disclosure

Some completely random thoughts and ramblings....

In the case of the pile of unread books...  I've located yet another in my beach bag!

An unshared Christmas story of my favorite gift under the tree is:

Really it was the only one under the tree... I did get many more thoughtful ones!

An accidental omission was from this lovely lunch menu:

I had to go with full disclosure!
And the last mention of the eve..... I went to go see the movie - "The Kings Speech". I highly recommend it! Like a mini (and not boring) history lesson. The acting is superb. You will laugh a bit. I was touched by the friendship between the two men. Is it true to life? I'm not sure. Seems that it may well have been because the Speech Therapist is given quite an honor and the ending states that the King and he remained friends for their lifetimes. 
Trying to get up to speed with my theatre going for the fast approaching awards season! One of my favorite things in life are movies..... they just take you to another time and place..... ahhhh...

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