Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picnic Dreams...

It seems funny sometimes to write this blog as if to an audience. Most of the time the reality is that I am writing to ME. When I started on this new creative outlet I did so thinking that it is just as though I am journaling each day. Even though a blog is out there in the blog-o-sphere/universe, no one is any the wiser unless I somehow make them aware. I've only chosen to mention Abundant Picnic to a few close people. Some days I'm ready to go further, other times, not.  For now I'll wait until I have the gumption... ah, go ahead and say it!!.... the balls to ask a veteran blogger for advice and mentoring. So now, I'll continue to post to the pretend "YOU" out there that are reading....

Lunch today went something like this: I met 2 acquaintances, no make that friends! We are new to hanging out together. I have known them for a couple of years. The kinda gals you wish you had met years earlier than you did! We have many of the same likes. I frequently spot them out thrifting, at estate sales and all sorts of treasure trove places! They have taken their love of vintage and made businesses out of it. I admire them.
One of them said: I'm planning a barn event/sale/faire for the Fall.
The other says: she wonders if so&so, and so&so would be available to sell their wares... 
I chimed in : I think I might like to be involved....
They seemed glad for my response. Later I was told they had been wondering if I might want..
So, I may have a booth at a home in the mountains, that's plopped in an orchard, that has goats milling about
and a barn nearby in which I will sell all matters of vintage delights!! We'll see what happens. And just so you know, it feels like kismet! Because this is exactly one of the ideas I posted about on About Those Finds. I may take Abundant Picnic to the barn.

vintage wicker wine jug & picnic hampers

While seemingly unrelated to the Picnic Dreams title, the place I'm going with this is - my Abundant Picnic is a dream that seems to be growing and improving! Until now I hadn't noticed that there is also a connection to a dream from my past. I can't remember the year, but for a time it was a dream of mine to open a shop and call it : Pique-nique. The french word for picnic. I talked about it. I knew what I wanted to do with it. I also knew the amount of work involved. Funny, now here's the picnic theme in my life again!

And lastly, but oh so sweetly and memorably - my Mom just recently told me a picnic story.... how apropos!

When my parents were young with two small children (myself & first brother) they left a very small town and moved to the city. My father had no work in the lumber industry. They went searching for a job and a better life. It was hard for them to make their money last through the month. One of the ways to scrimp was by watching the grocery budget. My Mom says that this was my Dad's idea and his "term" for it too - once a week they would have a PICNIC for dinner. The picnic fare was fried potatoes with cut-up hot dogs mixed in. They both thought that the word picnic just made everything seem a little bit nicer. I could cry!!
Ya know - I always loved that meal when we were older. I didn't realize the meaning and I don't think we called it a picnic then. Somehow this story was just passed on to me... at just the right moment!

only 2 of many picnic baskets I hoard


  1. Love that story about your parents' picnic!!

  2. Too funny. I just bought a basket just like that one at the thrift store the other day. I have it on the counter for the girls "healthy snacks" after school. They have been doing really good! We all have for that matter. And the Barn Sale, go for it! That is right up your alley.