Friday, January 21, 2011

Starve A Cold ?

Is the saying - Starve a cold; feed a fever, or the other way around?? I think I have it right in the first place. I'm here to say that I nourished myself, sans a cold, and I hydrated too! A couple of us did...
Hubby did not starve his cold - he fed it!

We had a few stop-by's tonight. No one stayed long. Just a glass of wine and they were gone. Then we went for sushi for further nourishment of selves.

such a blurry photo - why bother??
Why do they call these (above in pic) "dead soldiers"???? hmmmm just wonderin'... Kind of a weird name for empty bottles. Don't know why I posted the blurry photo, or why I'm asking the silly question either.  OH NOW I KNOW!!... I get why the brain is mushy.... NyQuil!.. yep, that's the ticket!! Time for bed. Fun day tomorrow.

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