Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Life in Dance Steps....

One-Two-Three; 1-2-3. Slow-Quick-Quick-Slow.  Dance has it's own pattern; movement. Learning new dance steps takes practice and time. This is the same way I'm feeling about my goals for this new year. Progress may go slowly, or it may have a quick step. A new exercise routine that I'm hoping to ramp up my current one will surely follow the pattern of 1-2-3. One step at a time, increasing and then back to  step one to give my body the rest it needs. Today I returned to a class that's a part of  my old routine. It is a Body Conditioning class for adults 50yrs. +. The women in this group are beyond amazing! I believe the eldest is 85. Our exercise is conducted to music, rather like dance steps.

Trying to find a rhythm for these new, clean slate days. My calendar is newly filled. There are red letter days and plain old blue inked days for common daily occurrences.  A pattern is nicely forming. I'm learning new steps.  A waltz on Mondays, multi-dance on Tues & Thursdays, maybe Hip-Hop on Wed (in order to keep hopping at the new job), and finally on Friday, I will Salsa!!  wooo hooo!

Wish that I could say my hopes for a change in household organization and housekeeping would keep time in quick, quick, quick steps.  Need I add that those would be great dance steps for diet, travel and home improvement resolutions also!

No matter which steps I take, or new ones learned - I do love this life of dance....

  Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens -
   promise me that you'll give fate a fighting chance
   And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance...
   I hope you dance, I hope you dance!
            - Lee Ann Womack

One big dance party is a good New Years resolution!

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