Sunday, January 9, 2011


Houston we've got a problem!!! Little did I know, til searching for a specific article, that I had so many magazines stacked up I couldn't of found that article to save my soul!! Oh My!! Just look ~
This is the stack of unread magazines for THIS month! More will arrive shortly, and daily and, and.....
I really don't spend too much of my hubby's money - some of these subscriptions were obtained on sale through Amazon. Some are from extra points from the credit card company, and others still are borrowed and recycled through my Mother-in-law.

It really won't take too long to go through all of them. Some of the rag sheets (at the bottom of the pile) are browsed solely for the paparazzi shots. A girl's gotta keep up on the latest star gossip! I know what you're thinkin' -but it's just my guilty pleasure!! My faves are the home decorating ones... now they take awhile to read. Because I actually do read them, and study them and tear out the pages that I find inspirational. Oh, and Vanity Fair sits next to the bed, near the couch and sometimes in the car because the articles are slowly browsed for a week, maybe more.

Unfortunately the mags aren't the only reading material collecting dust bunnies. Check this ~
Oops!! Guess I haven't been noveling for some time, huh??? Best get to it! Think I have one on order at the library. Good thing I'm not in Oprah's book club, I'd never finish the material!

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